In 2022, the goal was to boost the popularity of LEGO Harry Potter, especially among girls. The main challenge was that older girls didn't know much about these toys, and boys weren't very interested. To tackle this, the plan was to get older Harry Potter fans excited about the products and encourage a new generation of fans.
The idea was to let fans use their creativity and imagination with LEGO Harry Potter sets. Instead of just following a story, kids could make their magic and share it with their families. 
The plan had three phases: first, create excitement about something new, then invite fans to join the Harry Potter world with LEGO, and finally, encourage them to share their magical creations.
The big vision was to make fans feel like they were part of the magic, like when you experience love or discover something new. This way, they could make good choices even when faced with tough decisions.
Creative Director: Martin Coppola.
Art Director: Melissa Frey.
Copywriter: Paul Truman.
Production: Ashley Baker.
Strategist: Kate Murphy
Comms Strategist: Sendy Atenda
GCP: James Sandberg Worsdall
Sr. Marketing Manager: Kerstin Bannert

Production House: Holy Ravioli
Director: Fredrik Callinggard
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