The Ball for All - Breeze Singapore
A soccer ball that celebrates diversity. 
Breeze is a major sponsor of youth soccer in Asia.
Their primary focus through soccer sponsorship is to teach children the value of racial unity and togetherness through soccer.
They wanted to do so in a way that directly engages kids while they are playing soccer.
So they created the Ball for All – something kids interact directly with in their day-to-day play that holds a valuable lesson about racial unity in soccer.
A soccer ball that truly represents racial diversity in soccer:
Each segment of the Ball for All represents the exact skin color of actual young soccer players from diverse ethnic backgrounds.
To make the Ball for All a true representation of the diversity of soccer – Breeze partnered with young soccer players all around the world including Spain, Nigeria, Brazil, China, Singapore, Australia, Britain, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Breeze’s goal was to make the Ball for All the official ball of youth soccer in Asia. To do so, they produced 200 of the Ball for All and handed them out to youth teams, leagues, and school across Asia. 
To produce the actual balls, they took high-resolution photos of the young soccer players from around the world – then paired their skin colors with matching pantones. So each segment of the Ball for All was based on the actual skin color of a young soccer player from a different ethnic background.
They successfully made the Ball for All the official ball of youth soccer in Asia when Asia’s biggest youth soccer league – the JSSL7’s agreed to make it their official ball.
It’s used by 13 countries, 160 youth teams and 2000 players and is watched around the world – where it helps show a simple truth: no matter what color your skin is or where you were born – everyone is on the same team.
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AD Stars 2016:
Shortlist / Design
Shortlist / Outdoor

GONG's 2016:
Direct, 1 Bronze
Media, 1 Finalist
Outdoor, 1 Silver
Promo & Activation, 1 Bronze
ECD: Erick Rosa
Creative Directors: Ang Sheng Jin / Daniel Kee
Art Directors: Andrew Ho / Martin Coppola / Ang Sheng Jin / Alex Tan
Designers: Andrew Ho / Martin Coppola / Alex Tan
Writers: Guy Lewis / Daniel Kee
Photographer: Alvin Tan (Teo Studios)
Illustrators: Nelson Digital Imaging
Producers: Jacqueline Wong / Jonathan Gerard
Account Servicing: Shaifali Dayal / Khatkhanang Chavalitsakulchai / Rosa Trinh
Producer: Gin Khoo (Purplelab Pte Ltd)
Editing: Purplelab Pte Ltd
Music: Adam Behr / Neon Singapore
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