The challenge:
Our audience now pride themselves on being too old to be playing car toys, and are transitioning to other interests. LEGO models is perceived as being static, simple toys  that don’t go beyond the predetermined build, and lack in play value.

The idea: 
The idea is to prove how pullbacks can go beyond the ordinary “kid’s toy”. 
It is to show how "hacking" the LEGO Technic models in creative and whacky ways, has a whole new cool factor that fits perfectly into any tween's day and life.
In this high energy, fun film, we see how LEGO Technic Pullbacks are used to hack an ordinary morning routine into an exciting start to the day! 
From getting ready to getting into the car to go to school, we see LEGO Technic Pullbacks hacked to different aspects of a tween's morning.
All while, quick peeks of the "Real" cars are shown to add to the thrill.
We position that these toy cars, if hacked are relevant in their world.
The Making Off:
From drawing board, to experiments and to final shoot day – we showcase how Hack The Pullback was executed in a fun, energetic behind-the-scenes video.
We see how the hacks are built by the experts.
We interview LEGO designers, film directors, IP partners.
We see bloopers and funny happenings on set.We go through the ups and and downs of filming the hacks.
All this while we tell the story of how amazing the LEGO PULLBACKS can be.

The LEGO Group:
Creatives: Martin Coppola, Dhiviah Arumugan
Production: Ashley Baker,
Production Company: Highly Unlikely.
Director: Michael Middelkoop
Inventor: Joseph’s Machines
Exec Producer: Alex Davis 
Producer: Noni Couell 
Production Manager: Mehreen Sheldon-Ahmed
DOP: Carl Burke
Production Designer: Caroline Story
1st AD: Jack Meredith @jackalisciously 
BTS Director/Editor: Matilda Harding-Kemp
Editor: Suga Suppiah
Post House: ARK Studios
Colourist: Holly Grieg
Original Music: Andrew Lancaster
Casting: Shakyra Dowling

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