A car like Fiat 500 or “Cinquecento” was designed in the 1960s with simplicity and elegance, that transcended niches and became a household name. 
It soon gained a huge fan following, making it fashionable and cool for young people. 60 years later, that affinity continues. Making this little car a timeless legendary pop ICON.

All we need to do is embrace and celebrate this icon in its glorious moments.


Every classic poster and ad from Fiat 500 brought back to life. But we replace the car on it with our LEGO model, respecting the style of every piece. It will be a creative and eclectic visual campaign.
This new/old poster were part of the campaign in social media and produced to being gifted with the Fiat 500 set.
They were limited edition and gifted with the set.
LEGO In-House Agency
Martin Coppola - Creative Specialist 
Scott Neillands - ACD
Gonzalo Torres - Copywriter
Fatema Barot - Art Director
Lead Sean  - Lead Designe
Anna Bækgaard - Global Communication Partner
Shoot Happens - Production house
Anders Bundgaard - Director

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