The Fishing Flyer
An invitation to a fishing compeition that helps you fish.
Every word and picture printed with bait enahncer.

Every year the Singapore Red Cross holds a fishing competition to raise money for children in need.  They wanted to get as many fisherman interested as possible.

To reel in as many fishermen as possible – they created a flyer that doesn’t just advertise the fishing competition – it helps them fish.
Each flyer is printed with actual fish food – so it functions as a bait enhancer.
The perforated, biodegradable strips of paper are torn off, thrown in the water and used to attract more fish. 
The fishing flyer was distributed in major fishing shops and clubs across Singapore.

The fishing flyer that helps you fish was the perfect bait to attract more people to the competition.
It helped the Singapore Red Cross Raise 21,000 thousands dollars for children in need in just one day!
Shortlist on AD Stars 2015 / Design
Shortlist on AD Stars 2015 / Outdoor
Shortlist on AD Stars 2015 / Promo
ECD: Erick Rosa
Art Directors: Andrew Ho / Martin Copolla
Writers: Guy Lewis
Photographer: Alvin Tan (Teo Studios)
Account Servicing: Gonzalo Olivera / Fan Yang / Cara Foong
Producer: Kelvin Lee / Gabriel Li (Frame by Frame Pictures)
Editing: Frame by Frame Pictures
Music: Audio Network
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