Clear Shampoo keeps your hair in glorious condition.
So we did tongue-in-cheek odes to popular culture’s most controversial men’s hairstyles: The man bun – worn by hipsters across the world and the comb over - Donald Trump’s infamous hairstyle.
Men who have these hairstyles usually think that they are glorious – so we explained light-heartedly that Clear Shampoo would continue to keep them in glorious condition.
Creative Directors: Madhu Noorani, Daniel Kee, Ang Sheng Jin  
Copywriters: Guy Lewis, Martin Coppola, Andrew Ho, Leandra Isabel Martinez Mauricio
Regional Account Manager: Sara Templeman
Global Business Director: Subarna Prabhakar
Voice Artist: Ezra Knight
Audio Engineer: Graham Merrill, Jim Kennelly
Audio House 1: Name: We Love Jam
Audio House 2: LOTAS productions
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