The situation:
Vietnam’s lube oil market is teeming with short-term tactics, price offs and samplings.  The category is filled with low cost options, causing all existing players to lose volume and equity. But instead of following the trend, Castrol chose long-term engagement.  Going straight to the Vietnamese truck driver, we educated them about the benefits of Castrol in a sustainable, effective & interesting manner.

The problem:
The vietnamese truck driver is a rolling stone. Always on the road, always short on time and attention. So, how do we reach an unstill target audience? More importantly, how do we earn his trust? 

The idea:
We created a community for the lonely, always on-the-road trucker.  Through the Castrol app, we were able to gather details that helped us take care of both the driver and his truck.   
This allowed us to build direct relations with him and introduce ‘empathy’ to a very functional category.
Agency: Lowe Vietnam
ECD: Carlos Camacho
Head of Planing: Sajju Ambat
Art Director: Martin Coppola / Kumkum Fernando
AMES Awards 2015 (Asian Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy)

Platinum - Category Data & Analitics - Customer Intelligence
Bronce - Category Effectiveness - Cars & Automotive Services
Short List - Catetory Digital Strategy - Mobile
Tambuli 2015
Bronce - Category Advocacy
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