P(aris). S(ingapore). I Love You
(Phase one)
To create intrigue, we sent love letters to over 300,000 Singaporean households from a real Parisian address. The letters were written with increasing urgency and hinted of a big meeting that was to come between a Parisian and Singaporean couple. At the end of this phase, I spotted a few posts on social media that were greatly amusing. Click on the images to see very real and unadulterated comments.
We also caught the attention of bloggers and a radio station. We've written in to get sound bites from the radio station and I'll update this accordingly. 
(Phase two)
When all three letters were sent out, we revealed that it was Citroën and Cycle & Carriage behind the stunt. This was to culminate in a drive-in movie event on the eve of Valentine's Day. To amplify this, we created a digital / social media campaign to spread awareness.
First, we created a digital video that would complement the drive-in movie theme: a digital video done in the style of a movie trailer. For this production, I saw it through from start to end independently, ensuring it remained true to the idea. We also created movie posters to promote the cars. These visuals were eventually made into post cards, posters, and were featured in print.
On the digital platform, a microsite at www.psiloveyou.sg was created to house all content and digital activity. We then further engaged the public with an Instagram contest to get the public to form the shape of the brand's logo using everyday objects.
Launch / Event
(Phase three)
As a finale to the campaign, we created a drive-in movie event. More importantly, it was an experiential event to get the public to test drive the range of cars.
Apart from that, we also stationed quite a number of Citroën cars so the public can watch the movie from the comfort of being in a Cactus, Picasso, or Grand Picasso.
One of the biggest feats we pulled off was to have all registrations slots signed up in just one day of releasing the publicity materials, before paid media kicked in. On Facebook, the video itself was seen 261,238 times, which is nearly 40,000% than the next most popular video on Citroën Singapore's fan page. In total, it was viewed over 32,000 times and generated 158 shares and more than 400 likes without prompting. The event itself was also picked up by Singapore's main broadsheet newspaper due to high interest.
Client: Cycle & Carriage France (Citroën)
Agency: MullenLowe Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Erick Rosa
Senior Art Director: Martin Coppola
Senior Copywriter: Julius Sim
Production: Reel Loco (Singapore)
Post Production: Reel Loco (Singapore)
Colour Grading: Reel Loco (Singapore)
Audio: Neon Sound / Home Studio (Singapore)
Director: Shaun Yeo
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