Who I am?
Nowadays I can say I’m a Regional Creative Director working in Advertising. But it took me time and a lot of effort realised this.
I always been a very curious person. I studied Communication, Sociology, Statistics, Literature and Art in UDELAR (Universidad de la República), but non of this careers was what I wanna do or be. Finally I decided for advertising ‘that’s what I want to be’.
I learned an infinity of things on every of this careers that I apply it on my everyday work, personal projects, and why not life...
I chose advertising because it let me be my self it keep curious about everything and the most important it allows me be that weird mix of careers and knowledge I’ve learned.
I’ve been working in advertising since 2002 for different markets.
In Latinamerica I’ve worked for Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil markets.
After 9 or 10 years working there I decide to go out and explore what the world had to offer me and I decided to move to Asia. That’s is how I took the decision to move to the great city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Where I worked for one year and I meet amazing people, and amazing places, and amazing food.
After an intense year the office I worked offered me to move to Singapore. This tiny huge corner of the world.
Here I’ve the luck to learned and work with different people from different background, religions, and cultures. Also all this contributed to make me a better creative being open for different points of view from around the world.
Now continuing this adventure that I call life I'm living and working in the fabulous city of Shanghai. The new capital of the world.
This is the short version of 'why I like chose advertising.
Thanks for passing by and take the time to appreciate my work.
Martin Coppola.
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