My former boss and friend Erick Rosa wrote this as a recommendation letter before he moved from Singapore to Tokyo:
Martin is a hybrid senior creative that has performed several roles at the agency. He con be an art director when needed, a designer, even a copywriter. But I think his greatest quality is being able to create the kind of content and ideas that can cross any line and platform -to best address the clients’ needs- always with an extra dose of creativity. His responsibilities vary from leadings teams, to working very close with clients and being responsible for some of out biggest global brands. I have trusted him with some of our biggest and most important projects and he always surprised any expectation. This, I believe, can be owned to his unparalleled work ethic and the desire to always leave being the kind of work a client well be very pleased and the agency’s creative reputation, always stronger.
His key strengths I would say are: creativity, the knock for finding the best and most unusual ideas every time. Also, his interpersonal skills. As he can be very easy to work with and always inspires the team. As for areas of development -Martin is always looking for new things to learn. Be it investing his time on becoming a great photographer or learning new techniques of are direction, design and all things tech- Martin is always eager for more knowledge. And tat always comes across in his work. To conclude, I think Martin’s biggest strength is the fact that he is many. Someone with a great set of skills, with a personality that can change a room and for that matter, an agency.
One of Martin’s qualities that really stand out far and above any other person is his interpersonal skills.
He is really good with people. And the inclines every person in any department or role and clients. This helps to always get the team to do its very best, fosters a great positive environment and also helps clients trust him, the agency and its ideas. Martin is a very rare breed. One that has experience. But also, someone who is always up to date on every last trend and technique. And as important, he is one of the nicest individuals I have ever had the privilege to work with. I am 100% sure anyone will have the hardest time finding any individual that has every worked or interacted with him that wouldn’t back up all the lines above.
Erick Rosa
Regional Executive Creative Director.
MulllenLowe Singapore
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