Hi, thanks for passing by.

These are a few of the jobs I've being doing...

Red Cross - ELLA / The messenger bot with a heart
PETA - Animals for the Ethical Treatment of People
Catchplay - Love movies, live movies.
Breeze - The Ball for All
CloseUp - Under the water
Clear - Glory Hair
PETA - Huntsman Condoms
CloseUp - Brake the barriers
Red Cross Singapore - Fishing Flyer
NUH Singapore - Donor Rings
Sunlight - Leaves Hands as Smooth as Porcelain
Knorr - Bring Out the Chicken
Sunlight - Leave no memory
NUH Singapore - Part of me
Music Video (gifclipcast) - La Foca
Ministerio de Turismo Uruguay - Excel
Ministerio de Turismo - Por encima de todo, la Celeste.
Patricia - De que estás hecho?
Patricia - De que esta hecha Patricia?
Castrol - Ride On
BSE - El Libro Celeste (Sky-blue Book)
Un techo para mi país - Precaria
ANTEL - Roaming
ORT University - Architecture
Sanguchito - Brand Identity
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